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Food and snacks 

The Japanese are truly passionate about their food, the Japanese cuisine is world famous for its delicate preparation and taste.

Their snacks are top grade products too as many visitors to this beautiful country can acclaim, their chocolate for example really tastes like chocolate, not sugar and can compete with the finest (much more expensive) chocolate from Belgium, France or Switserland.

Try the local delicacies from Hokkaido or the so much loved ;mochi or sticky rice cake.

The Japanese food market is any gourmet lover's dream, it is a world of new and original flavors.....but beware; once you get hooked, you are hooked for life.

Japanese snack ranking

Check this site to find the most local original/traditional snacks by prefecture and ranked by popularity (don't forget google translate..)

We go to the local supermarkets!

You don't have to buy in bulk quantities, we don't mind going out to the supermarket and buy and send you one pack of biscuits, there is no minimum order amount.

Cup noodles, the real one

Japanese curry.
Delicious and healthy.

Snacks and sweets