Terms & Conditions

Our conditions, please read them carefully before proceeding.

Auctions:Please give us one day advance notice in case you want us to bid for you,

we will place your bid 1 minute before the bidding time expires.


Extra costs:


If a product requires shipping costs within Japan, we will charge you for this,

we will try however to do our best to avoid these costs

Buy from multiple stores:


You can buy from multiple stores and have them shipped as one package to you at no additional costs.

We can't ship:


We can't ship any products which are not allowed in your country, after we receive your request we will let you know if any restrictions apply.


We don't ship counterfeit products, animals, illegal substances,stocks, cash, child porn, or products of protected species.


To some countries, please click this link to verify if it is listed. In case your country isn't listed we will try another carrier if possible

Disclaimer, not just an ordinairy disclaimer, please take the time to read this!

JWS is responsible only for the purchase and delivery of items specified by a customer and is not responsible whatsoever for the description of the received items, defect liability, or other seller based demands.

We will translate the description to the fullest, and ask any questions you might have to the seller.

For the sake of the buyer, we will on request, provide you with our opinion of the product based on user reviews and/or physical inspection.


We buy from trustworthy sites and shops only, in case of auction bidding we will inform you if the seller has a good or bad reputation and we will recommend you (non-binding) to proceed or not. Still buying something unseen carries a risk which is carried by the buyer.

On arrival in our storage we will (if deemed neccesary) verify the product and if possible check for authenticity. If we find something wrong we will contact and negotiate with the seller. If a replacement is not possible we will request a refund, which the buyer will receive in full.


We bear no responsibility whatsoever for loss suffered by the non-delivery, delay, or damage.

For an accident during carriage, all costs, charges, fees and taxes that may accrue before and after the shipment is made are to be borne by the customer.

We will however help you as much as possible avoiding the dreadful import tax by suggesting you several options.


We can't accept cancellation after the product is purchased., we can however assist you in selling it on the Japanese market.