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about us

We are a small Japanese/Dutch company with a group of workers who are passionate about Japan and its huge consumers market.

I have been living in Japan for 24 years and no matter how convenient life has become, it is often still a pain to get something from abroad against a reasonable price.

Online retailers often charge double for a product and you are stuck with the product they are offering, even though you might prefer a different brand.

For those with family and friends back home it is a little easier, but you don't want to impose on them every time.

Shopping for Japanese products is even harder due to the language and unwillingness of Japanese vendors to ship abroad.

Finding the cheapest and best solution to buy and ship you your required product is our task, the 10% commission we take is often less than the value of a cup of coffee, and if time is money, then we save you a lot of money.


Don't hesitate to drop a line when you visit Nagoya, we will show you all the good sightseeing, food and shopping spots and we answer any questions non related to shopping too.

Serge Roso (The shogun)

We are located in Nagoya city, Japan's third biggest city and is located between Osaka and and Tokyo. Having its own international airport and harbor, makes it the most convenient location for fast shipping