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We are the number one proxy shopper in Japan,  because we personally guide and advise you from beginning to end,
no question is left unanswered and we always go the extra mile for you.

This month featured product

Evisu (ko)tabi socks for geta or sandals 

Get used/new Japanese music, anime and DVD's as easy and cheap as possible


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If the product you are looking for doesn't belong to any category, please mail us and we will find it for you


The Japanese food market is any gourmet lover's dream, it is a world of new and original flavors.....but beware; once you get hooked, you are hooked for life.


JWS partnered up with kitchen and furniture shop Daidoko. Daidoko has been selling high grade, hand made pottery and other kitchen/living room utensils for over 20 years, and we are proud to have been given the rights to sell their products world wide.


The easiest way to buy "Japan only" toys or games. We provide you with links to all major toy makers and shops. Let us know what you are looking for and we will find the cheapest option for you.


Japanese literature, novels, cartoons, manga, photo books, magazines and study books.
Online bookshops are quiet hard to browse through for those with limited knowledge of Japanese.
Google translater often brings the wrong results and the amount of titles is humongous.
We will fully assist you in finding that item, all we need is a title, author or description. We will even go to the second bookstores to check for best deals or discontinued items.


The Japanese fashion scene is a diverse one, from major designer brands like Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo untill traditional Japanese clothing like kimono. Between these two there is a huge variety of of well known, lesser known and some lovely completely unknown brands. Japan also loves its "collaborations", having fashion houses team up with other industries to create some interesting products.


We at JWS love cosplay, and although believe that the best costumes are handmade, still it's often handy to be able to get your hands on a certain accessory to provide your looks with the finishing touch. Of course not everybody is handy with the needle and thread either, so why not order one from Japan? You can even find some pretty good used articles here too.

OHTHEGUILT urban fashion

One of Japan's hottest brands is now available for international customers. Designed and produced in Japan, OHTHEGUILT US/Japan streetstyle has a large following of young fashion consious Japanese, besides their "in house" brand, they also carry a large variety of other casual high quality brands. Last but not least the owners/designers of OHTHEGUILT have the only Xlarge shop in the Tokai area...which means that you can get your hands on all Xlarge products sold in japan including "Japan only" versions.

RouRou Neo Asia

Japanese designed and produced ladies fashion


Bibi Lab, a design house which specialises in researching unique ideas and bringing them to life, no matter how wacky they seem. We have been impressed by their offerings for some time now, the quality is top notch and each product actually fullfills its purpose, no matter how weird it looks..


Osaka brand, Bodymaker started in 1999 making wear and products for martial artists, since then they have evolved into a brand which not only serves the top athletes, but also the casual/fashionable sporter.

Their quality is high and their prices ridiculously low.

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